Googler speaks out on Manny Cardenas and second class citizens at the Plex

by hashbrownchew

Newsflash: NPR’s recent reporting on economic inequality in the SF Bay area hasn’t done much to soften the hearts of Silicon Valley’s bratty, rich kids.

Shortly before Xmas, we caught up with one obnoxious Googler, 20-something Travis Collins, on, a website popular with hipster JavaScript developers, where he is sometimes referred to by the moniker “Googlebro.” Asked to comment on this Gawker story of security guard Manny Cardenas, one of the many contractors Google hires on a part-time basis, Mr Collins expressed little sympathy:

also, this article’s great. Contract worker complaining they don’t get the same benefits as full time employees, hooray

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When it was pointed out that Google, like other tech companies in Silicon Valley, hired its security guards (and mail workers and other non-essential employees) on a contract basis for the explicit purpose of avoiding paying them full-timer’s benefits, Mr. Collins faulted the security guard, who lives in low income housing in San Jose with his five year old daughter, for accepting the position:

then don’t take the job. Clearly we’re matching what any other company is doing.

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Mr. Collins, who, according to WHOIS records for the domain name of his still undeveloped website, lives on prime real estate in the middle of San Francisco, has a clear conscience about Google’s involvement in creating the impoverished life circumstances of Manny Cardenas and others like him. As evidence of his generosity, Mr. Collins said he and the rest of the Googlers in the Plex chipped in their pocket change to buy contractors holiday gifts, even though Google isn’t actually permitted by law to give contractors presents:

everyone in my office chips in to make sure our office’s contract staff got holiday gifts even though the company can’t legally give them any, I don’t feel bad that they accepted a job

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Although he builds complex computer systems for a living, Mr. Collins didn’t seem able to grasp that this mediocre expression of generosity only existed because Google short-changed its contractors in the first place by hiring them on the contract basis. Mr. Collins, however, didn’t want to discuss such fine points any further, labelling the whole issue a “dumb discussion”:

no you’re trying to pull me into a really dumb discussion without me knowing who you are

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Thanks for commenting Mr. Collins.